Leo ‘E.Z Kill’ Williams : Bass

BASEMENT 5: 1978-80

Leo Williams bass
/Dennis Morris vocals/JR guitar/T drums

Created in the ‘punk years’ Basement 5 experimented fusing an urban punk sound with Jamaican dub rhythms. We supported John Lydon’s Public Image Limited at The Rainbow. After touring in Portugal we returned to London and signed to Island Records.

Albums: Basement 5; 1965-1980


Mick Jones guitar vocals Leo Williams bass vocals Don Letts vocals Sampler/ Dan Donovan keyboards & Greg Roberts drums.

I was actually the first person to join Mick Jones new outfit after he left The Clash. A fusion of New York beats, Mick’s English rock n’ roll guitars and my bass lines straight from Jamaica we had hits on both sides of the Atlantic. B.A.D were the first band to utilize samples and movie dialogue. The single E=MC2 went top ten in 1986.

This is Big Audio Dynamite
No.10 Upping Street (co-produced by Joe Strummer)
Tighten Up Vol.88
Megatop Phoenix


Leo Williams bass vocals /Don Letts vocals keyboards/Chez vocals/ /Dan Donovan keyboards/Greg Roberts drums.

Out of the ashes of B.A.D Screaming Target performed the first live gig at the Transmusical Festival in France to ecstatic reviews from the music press. The critically acclaimed album also featured Chrissie Hynde and Pete Wylie.

Hometown Hi-Fi

DREADZONE: 1994-2002

Leo Williams bass Earl Sixteen vocals/ / Dan Donovan keyboards/ Greg Roberts drums/Tim Bran keysboards

Dreadzone are a firm festival favourite (Glastonbury, Knebworth etc.) due to the dub dance live show with which we established a loyal fan base. Using various guest vocalists we scored a top Ten hit with ‘Little Britain’. we are one of John Peel’s Favourites band.

360 degrees
Second Light
Biological Radio